Open Letter To Scott Brown

I’ve been trying for days to formulate my words as to why I was so offended by your “person of color” line. Perhaps it was because it sounded so derogatory and there’s nothing wrong to be a “person of color”. Or it’s because there are so many who, like Ms. Warren, go by the word of our parents and believe we are Native American without the research. But then it hit me, how are we…am I, a proud 1/16th Cherokee Indian, a person of color?

You see Mr. Brown, while I am also a beautiful mix of European heritages, my Cherokee is prominent in my features. I have dark hair, high cheek bones and a beautiful olive complexion. This is customary for Native Americans….NATIVE Americans…you know, those of us who inhabited this country before the Europeans came over, gave us pox, and pushed us onto reservations. The natives of this country are not milky white; we have a tan. So it’s not us that are persons of color, it’s you. This is why I am so inflamed. You’d rather score cheap political points than understand that your words not only hurt, but are also inaccurate.

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